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"TMS Coach Kevin rocks!! I listened to a podcast interview of his TMS journey and felt compelled to contact him for a consultation. He did an outstanding job of facilitating the session. He really listened and connected to what I was saying. He interjected perceptive and concise comments at the perfect times during the consultation. At the end of the session he gave me a clear outline of simple steps to implement on my personnel pathway to victory. One of his great talents as a TMS coach is simplification of the process. He knows that every persons journey is personnel but each person must be faithful to a few basic fundamentals. Primarily we must be faithful to the truth revealed by Dr. John E. Sarno. Kevin is a no nonsense but extremely compassionate person. Kevin's commitment to my success didn't end with the consultation. He encourages weekly updates on my progress and is happy to have me email him anytime I have a question. Be prepared, before I contacted Kevin for my consultation I had a major Sciatica flair-up. My TMS brain knew that I was going to get some desperately needed help and it didn't want that!! When I contacted Kevin I could hardly walk a block. Now I am walking 8 miles at 15 minutes per mile. I know that with Kevin's help I will be back to running 10 miles at 7 minute pace soon."

– Peter, Goddard KS


"Kevin is a gifted coach, transforming his own journey with TMS into a passion for helping others. I reached out to him when my own recovery had stalled, and I’m so glad I did. With a style that is both clear and concise, he helped me to cut through my own analytical BS and accept the truth that I am already healed." 

–  Marina, Orlando FL


"Kevin helped me greatly at a time when I really needed support. He knows a lot about TMS recovery, both from his own life and the support he has given to others."

– Cameron, San Francisco CA


"I read Dr. Sarno’s book many years ago, but I felt stuck in the recovery process. Kevin was great at listening to me and relating his recovery experience. He’s supportive, encouraging, calming, non-judgmental, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. I felt very hopeful after talking with him and empowered that I won’t be in pain forever! Most of us TMSers feel like we need a to-do list for healing. Kevin helped me figure out how to scale back from “trying too hard” to heal and get back to the basics."

– Lia, Hartford CT


"Working with Kevin helped me to understand TMS on a deeper level. I had studied and grasped the material for a long time, but I was still stuck in the healing process. Kevin helped me to integrate the knowledge into my life – to get out of my head – and understand things that I was missing."

– Chris, Brooklyn NY

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