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Importance of SLEEP!

Excuse the long gap sans a post... like many ideas, I started with the best of intentions, but life gets busy... In any event, I wanted to talk a bit about the importance of SLEEP, something that didn't get enough attention in my book. BUT, before I get into that, here's a recent video podcast interview I did, in case you want to check it out:

Ok, SLEEP - so restorative, so necessary. I was recently reminded of the power of sleep after having something of an "emotional day", i.e., I was feeling weighed down by some free-floating anxiety and a case of the mild blues, as it were. Nothing major, but I couldn't really seem to shake it, so I finally just let it be and watched it. The feeling stuck with me, off and on, throughout the day, so come night time, I was feeling pretty knackered, even thought it was only 8pm. I decided to get into bed anyhow. I meditated for a bit, did some light reading, then lights were out by 9pm. I awoke feeling very refreshed and the sorta dark cloud that had been with me the entire day before, had lifted. Such a simple thing, sleep, yet sometimes it's all we need. Well, I shouldn't say it's "simple" for everyone - insomnia plagues many TMSers. I too had bouts of it when suffering from TMS. But I'm not gonna get into insomnia in this post, perhaps at a later time. That said, I've found that setting the intention to have a restful, restorative sleep prior to dozing off helps a great deal. And if you're presently in the grips of a TMS episode, just do your best to get solid, consistent sleep every night. Were I to write my book again, I'd probably include a Step in Section I dedicated exclusively to sleep, it's that important.

So I'll keep it short this time. Let me know your thoughts / experience on the topic of sleep and it's restorative powers.

Until next time!

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