I've decided to try doing some YouTube videos in order to connect with those suffering from TMS. You can email me questions at for me to cover in future videos. You also leave your questions or topics you'd like me to cover in the comments on YouTube.
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April 2021 UPDATE:
I am no longer doing Coaching Sessions.
If you need help, please read my book and/or contact Steve Ozanich. I discuss why I've decided to take a pause from coaching in this podcast , click there to go listen. 



BOOK IS PUBLISHED!!!! Click on imagine to go to Amazon.







Editing manuscript now. Will be sending out to reviewers in the coming weeks. I'll post back here once I have a better idea. Exciting times!!!


Happy New Year! It's been three months and the book is coming along great. Presently at about 32K words, and still quite a bit more to say so it looks like what was originally going to be a simple ebook, will now most likely become a full-length book. I'm so excited to get this finished, edited, and out into the world to start helping others awaken to the truth of TMS. The ideas and message seem to be flowing through me, like a conduit for something much deeper than my intellectual mind would allow.   Anyhow, I really believe that this book has the potential to help spread the message and help those in need...

On a different note, I did a PodCast interview a few months back that is due out this week. Check out  The Mind and Fitness Podcast  to hear my story and all the other amazing stuff Eddie is doing over there. 


Today I begin writing my first TMS book! I have the outline and most of the ideas for an eBook, but who knows, it may very well become a full-length book. My aim with this book is to share what I have researched and experienced with regard to TMS healing. I'm not looking to "reinvent the wheel"; rather I wish to share my insights for those trying to awaken to the truth. Further, I want to have all of my ideas in ONE space so TMSers can use it as a reference. I'll update here from time to time on the progress of the manuscript.

Happy healing!

Kevin Martillo Viner, PhD